The AFP’s Tracer Virus

The AFP(Australian Federal Police) have been using a virus which they purchased over 2yrs ago, it gets updates from where the AFP originally purchased it from.

It traces Images & Files that they have placed onto the internet, including Child Porn, which is also targeting the Poor & Disabled to exploit them in there system.

There would be Victim of this crime right now, of whom the AFP will want to silence along with the Help of Local Authorities.

In this time, they have been working on perfecting it even moreso, for it to remain undetected

With this virus & the files they are putting out there, there would be over 200,000 images & files, which carry this signature of the virus sent from Dept Of Justice computers, which also give Names & Locations of Scapegoats to cover up for there own Crimes on the Public.

The Dept Of Justice Actions are no different of that of which people call Internet Trolls & CyberBullying, seeing the Internet is being used alot for communication.