Assassin’s Creed:Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted

Be like the Assassin's

Nothing Is True, Everything is Permitted

To anyone who is a Fan of the Assassin’s Creed Series, I know I am, an hope I’ll also be here to play the next game in the series, which I’d really love to do.

The Assassin’s

From Characters like Altair Ibn Lahan, Ezio  Auditore Da Firenze, Edward Kenway, Connor Kenway, Haytham Kenway & Aveline De Grandpre.

Know the Creed & Know it well.

With each Character they have their own Story, which much reflects on alot of Injustices happening today, an no doubt the writers of the series wanted to reflect that in the game, along with the Creed.

Also with the Assassin’s Creed Series, you also saw how their Network worked together with many groups.

I think we can all learn lessons from the Assassins Creed series, an also how to counter tyranny in our days.

You might not be an Assassin, but you can sure make a change like they did.

You only need to Look & See at what isn’t seen, to help make a difference in many areas.

I could see all these Assassin’s in the Assassin’s Creed Series, fighting to help those with Disabilities, the Poor, as that was also shown in the Novels as well as the Games.

Well that’s all for this Article.

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted.