Brazilian teen kills family, spends day at school, takes own life

Brazilian teen kills family, spends day at school, takes own life

This is an interesting report I came across this morning, where a Brazilian Teenager Killed his family Members, including Parents who were involved in the Dept Of Justice, it wouldn’t surprise me of the corruption he saw between Both on the being on the Outside, seeing things as any normal person would an also seeing the inside world of corruption within the Dept Of Justice, that he chose to take the life of members in the family as well as His Parents.

It’s sad to see such a tragedy happen but hopefully it can be used as a wake up call to the Dept Of Justice are failing families, not only  outside of the Dept, but also inside the Dept Of Justice, inc those with people with Disabilities.

Murdered By The Dept Of Justice:Hate Crimes against the Disabled from those who hide behind the Law

English: Portrait of Dr. Edward Long Fox (1761...

English: Portrait of Dr. Edward Long Fox (1761 – 1835), the British pioneer of humane care for the mentally ill and founder of Brislington House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Commemorative plate of mentally ill v...

English: Commemorative plate of mentally ill victims of German crimes in Fort VII in Poznań Polski: Tablica upamiętniająca chore psychicznie ofiary niemieckich zbrodni w Forcie VII w Poznaniu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Laying Out the Case « Spokane Police Abuses: Past to Present

Oscar Pistorius Domestic Violence History, Murder, And Disability

Police kill amputee in wheelchair at group home for the mentally ill –

» Police Audio From Dorner Siege: “Burn This Motherfucker” Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Did state tolerate ‘murder’ of disabled? |


Handicapped(The Voices Of the Disabled Being Silenced, same thing Hitler did) (Photo credit: a77eBnY)

Cop gets four years for brutal murder of innocent shopper — RT USA

Layout 1 – Scope_Hate_Crime_Report.pdf

Hands-On Accountability for the Police Murder of Stanley Gibson | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty

Hands-On Accountability for the Police Murder of Stanley Gibson | Strange

Police Beat ‘Gentle’ Homeless, Mentally Ill Man to Death


Police failed vulnerable man who was ‘harassed to death’ – Telegraph

Disabled veteran killed in police shooting | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Police murder Down syndrome man @ movie theater for disobeying orders

Emerald | Journal of Learning Disabilities and Offending Behaviour | Accused of murder: supporting the communication needs of a vulnerable defendant at court and at the police station

YouTubeSkip – POLICE BRUTALITY – Toronto Police MURDER Disabled Man While In Their Custody

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History of How We Treated People With Disabilities

Laws that Address Disabilities and Special Education

Treatment of Disabled People Throughout History – Changes in the Views of Disability

A Brief History of the Disability Rights Movement


With all these reports found of the Dept Of Justice Murdering the Disabled, an yes it’s happening in Australia as well.

An it just shows all the More reason, why the Disabled, need Full Protection from the Law, Immunity from it, no matter how minor or severe the Disability, plus it would also line up with God’s Biblical Protection of the Disabled.

As I was putting up each of these links, an being Disabled myself, it tore me up inside, of how The Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System treat the Disabled, sounds like they are need to be put into Mental Institutions for their Treatment of the Disabled, not the other way around.

Thing is on top of this, I have found other Articles of how even the Dept Of Justice are Treating the Disabled, care of an awesome website called Right Now, dealing with Human Rights in Australia, an they cover the Treatment of the Disabled here.

Chemical restraint of people with disabilities and elderly people | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

Silent Witness: Supporting people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system (Part I) | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

Silent Witness: Supporting people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system (part II) | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

The Involuntary Detention of People with Intellectual Disabilities | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

I would go as far as to charging any Disabled Person of any Crime, is a Hate Crime, as seen in the Mistreatment of the Disabled in the Past, only Shows how much the Dept Of Justice loves to Glorify Nazism by its act of Scapegoating the Disabled, Stereotyping the Disabled of things we aren’t.

This is as much as I can write in this Article, as once again, it’s tearing me up inside, of how the Disabled are still treated like scum here in Australia.

Dept Of Justice:Manipulation in Disguise.

AFP accused of fabricating evidence, yet again! | Blak and Black

Aboriginal man did not assault police: cop | The Australian

Australian Police Corruption

Barrie Police officer guilty of assault, fabricating evidence

Challenging the Evidence – Inside Time Newspaper

Cop Arrested for Fabricating Evidence: It’s About Time! | Pennsylvania DUI Blog

Criminal justice: Two types of fakery – The Globe and Mail

Eight former police officers accused of fabricating Lynette White murder case | UK news | The Guardian

Fabrication of Reports by Police Forensic Science Lab Scientist Revealed | Wrongful Convictions Blog

Corrupt Cops

Judge acquits Mumbai attack pair after police ‘fabricated’ evidence – The National

Lawyer says police faked evidence | The Tribune


Police chief ‘fabricated Hanratty evidence’ – Telegraph

Police fabricated evidence in sex case: report – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Police ‘faked evidence’ on graft fighter |

Police step over the thin blue line

Wanted | Channel TEN

Fabrication of Evidence, done by the Dept Of Justice, sickening but it’s true.

So lets look at Fabrication & even expand on it.

So here is an Example of Fabrication, Metal Fabrication.

For Metal to be Fabricated, it needs to be formed or transformed into a shape.

So that Metal needs to be Conditioned to that shape, by Conditioning, it requires Manipulation of Angles, or even burns to change it.

The Dept Of Justice can get away with such Mass Manipulation & Fabrication on a grand scale, by the Laws they are Protected, but those of the Public, can be Manipulated, Conditioned by those Behind the Law.

So how are they able to condition the public and get away with it, the key answer is Power, But even Power can be corrupted, by whoever holds it.

The Dept Of Justice, Legally Condition People to have Addictions to Child Porn, because they themselves can get away with Distributing, Reproducing Child Porn, with Real Victims.

They do this alongside with the Sex Industry, because yes, even the Dept Of Justice, have Sex & Porn Addictions, even with the Laws linked to Prostitution & Child Sex related Laws.

So another look at Fabrication, after seeing the Dept Of Justice can manipulate the Public to become something, it then needs to destroy it’s own evidence.

It’s target of Destruction, becomes You, because you are a Product of Their Fabrication, Manipulation & Conditioning.

By Destroying You, they Manipulate the Evidence, being YOU again, to be thrown into Jail or executed, that then becomes Destruction of Evidence, an Destruction of the Body Of Evidence, which Incriminates Them.

So which groups get targeted the Most on this Manipulation.

1.The Disabled, by which they have been Stereotyped by The Govt, Dept Of Justice & The Medical System.

2.The Poor, You ruin a person of their income, an you can mold them into anything you want.

3.The elderly, with age being against the elderly, they are easy pickings to murder both Directly & Indirectly.

4.The Children, Hitler found it much easier to target a child for his Manipulation of his system, than of those who resisted him as an adult, an they don’t care if the child is disabled.

Suicide Implosion: Corruption in The Dept Of Justice

Australian Judge David Yeldham – The suicide of Justice David Yeldham after his secret life had been revealed | Love for Life

Judge’s son commits suicide, another boy dies

Professional Suicide Of A Hague Judge | Croatia Business Report

Suicide judge’s secret sex life is revealed – World – News – The Independent

That’s right Judges in the Dept Of Justice committing suicide, sad but its true.

Its quite simple to understand why they would commit suicide, even though the Psychotic Psychiatrists & Psychologists would state something different.

Seeing these Judges, in the Dept Of Justice, also help run one of the biggest extortion rackets, in charge people for Crimes of there own creation.

The Dept Of Justice & The Govt is nothing more but a Business, so next time you come across a court, look for the area, where it says Business Parking, If then a Business, they need to make a Profit, no different than the Mafia extorting you for Money.

The Difference between the Mafia & Dept Of Justice & Govt, not much, The Mafia will be up front when extorting money out of you, where the Dept Of Justice, does it more subtlety, but the act & crime is still the same.

Remember You Are a Voice too, that can speak out against this Tyranny of those in Govt & Dept Of Justice, that will even exploit the Poor & Disabled.

Police Suicide:Corruption Behind the Blue Part 2

Six Turkish policemen commit suicide during Gezi protests, union head says

Moving into Part 2 on Police Suicide: Corruption Behind The Blue, here is another Article which is linked to Turkish Police Officers committing suicide.

This corruption stems deeper than the Police, as there are also suicides of Lawyers & Judges as well, which shows this corruption is quite high up, an would even Affect the Highest Courts, even in Australia.

I already know the Answer of why the Suicides are Happening, it wouldn’t take much for those who can see the corruption around us, by Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice that scapegoat the public, even the Poor & Disabled of Crimes of there creation, the creation of the Govt & Dept Of Justice.

Brothelly Love:The Dept Of Justices Juliet

Louis and the Brothel

Louis and the Brothel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Family members caught in brothel bust

Illegal brothel bust in CBD

Suicide judge’s secret sex life is revealed – World – News – The Independent

Well this week there was a report of an Illegal Brothel Raid, with news later on of 2 from the dept of justice linked to making money off those brothels.

What they have failed to tell you is that it isn’t only 2 involved, seeing they will work in Groups of 6, which still leave 4 more connected to the Illegal Brothel industry.

6 being an even number, an will make it easier to spread abroad throughout Australia, with other members of the Dept Of Justice involved, including Officers, Judges, High Court Judges, an it will be spread out like a Web.

Where those 6, will also start another 6, an the cycle  continues.

There will be no doubt connections to others within the Dept Of Justice, that will be making money off these Brothels.

These Brothels as well also would involve Sex Crimes with Children, by which the corrupt in the Dept Of Justice also would’ve been involved in, an will most likely be let off with a light sentence, to go back out, an start working on making more money off these Brothels.

The Dept Of Justice, plays Romeo & The Illegal involved in this case is its Juliet, because of there Addiction to Sex, Porn & Tainted Love.

Also  in these brothels, the Dept Of Justice would also be able to easily make Child Porn films, sad but true, then they would be distributed back onto the Internet.

If I were to put a percentage of how many within the Dept Of Justice are involved in this, I’d say 2/3rds of them, whilst the other 3rd may not know of how deep this is.

Police Suicide:Corruption Behind the Blue

Police Corruption - IMAG1077_72dpi

Police corruption

I’m covering this article Title, as I posted on a similar post in about Police Suicide & Death.

So it had me thinking of some of the events of the Death of the Officer & also suicide of another Officer of the Law Of the Land, in Baronia.

The one linking to the Suicide, happened also on Police Station Grounds, along with the Death of the Police Officer, by which they reported nothing suspicious about it, but it is suspicious, as to where were the other Officers that were meant to have been on Duty with the Officer, who was Shot?

That is why in this Title, I add Corruption, It would make sense, if any officer knew of Corruption happening in the Police Force, that those who know also of the Corruption would want to Silence a Cop, who may know about it, an want to expose it, but before they expose it, they are Murdered by One of there own, on the Police Force.

Where there is Corruption, There is Tyranny happening to the Citizens care of the Dept Of Justice, an very Wide Spread.

So here are some Articles I found & came across, on Dept Of Justice Suicide.


Policeman’s suicide bid after dogs die |

Police Officer Suicide: Frequency and officer profiles

Police Suicides | unProfessional Standards Department | West Yorkshire Police

Police Suicide – Alarming Problem

2012 Police Suicides: the NSOPS Study (Badge of Life)

A historical survey of police suic… [Suicide Life Threat Behav. 1995] – PubMed – NCBI


Cop’s suicide prompts call for police monitoring – Seven News Queensland

Police murder-suicide an ‘epidemic’ | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Police officer’s suicide may have been avoided over email scandal | Herald Sun

Well those are the Articles I came across, but on this last one, there was a quote of an officer of the Dept Of Justice that said “UPDATE 3pm: POLICE command says action taken to discipline an officer who later took his own life was “right and proper”.”

Where an Officer said it was Right & Proper procedure practically for the Other Police Officer to take his own Life, by Suicide, that’s how it comes out to me.

Also looking in regards to this, Police Corruption, it shows there is much more Tyranny within the Dept Of Justice than what appears to be shown to the Public.

I wouldn’t be suprized as well that even in this cover up, that they found out that Dept Of Justice Police force were also distributing Child Pornography to the Public, seeing the Dept Of Justice can legally get away with it, an it too played apart into the Suicide of the Officer, in the Operation Barret investigation, an that it still happens today.

I can also see other ways as well of what would cause the suicides of  Officers or those of the Dept Of Justice, such as things that are seen, but then unseen, but still remain, when someone from the Public chooses to take the role to represent the Dept Of Justice, but I might leave that for another Article, I might do covering the Subject of Police Corruption.

Young police officer dead after gun fired in station

Young police officer dead after gun fired in station

Funny this report, as I also read in the report that someone of that same Station also an Officer committed Suicide.

Wouldn’t be suprized if this Officer was murdered by one of there own on the force considering the time, an the Suicide of the other Officer a few years earlier because he saw how corrupt the Dept Of Justice has gotten, that the only way to could expose the corruption within the Police & Tyranny to People they were meant to be Protecting, He also saw the Dept Of Justice as The Cause of Crime, an not the Stopper of Crime.

It’s sad to see any life taken, whether it be by Murder or Suicide.

My sympathy goes to the family of the Young Officer, of only hearing he wasn’t very old, an would’ve expected him to go far.

This might be a great time for the Whole Dept Of Justice Australia Wide, to look at what it is doing, an reflect on its actions & consequences, of how The Dept Of Justice itself has contributed to Crime, an to how it can become more transparent with the Public that it wants to be more Transparent with them.


The Deadness of Society:Living in a World that Hates God.

Society is on it’s own Suicide Mission, Killing who it can get into the conformities of this World.

Conformity is also Compromise, handing the Reigns of ones mind, body an Soul to be conformed to the Sinful nature not only of our flesh, which we must purge or to extract like puss from a pimple, seeing we have a Spiritual Enemy who seeks to Destroy what God has Created.

Where there is Deadness in Society there is Hatred towards God, who sent his only Son Jesus Christ to Redeem us.

It doesn’t matter where you go today, there is always a skeptic, an someone ready to squash your Belief in The Almighty God of Israel.

So they try looking to earthly cures hoping it will restore a person to a form of Sanity.

Whether it be a Doctor, Judge, Police Officer, Politician, they all seem to think an live in their own world to what is right, same applying to rich & poor.

Sanity by itself applies to someone who is Sound in Mind like that spoken of in the New Testament in 2 Tim 1:7, by which we are given a clear perspective to what it is to be of Sound Mind.

These days we run Sanity Tests differently, an a Majority of the time, Without God to Lead & Show us the way to bring someone of unsound mind, back to soundness.

If you Speak of God in the World today, you are often Mocked, considered a Nutcase, or even a Radical Fundamentalist.

Then you are Criticized an told the Myth & Lie, is that all wars are religious based.

The Truth is Not all wars are Religious Based.

Politics plays a big part in Many Wars, that which our government & leaders under them Heed to their Beckoned Call like Dogs on a Leash.

Whether a Political Leader has a religious belief or not, it is often ignored an turned to do anything at any cost to safeguard a region.

But many Politicians today an all those under them, have abandoned the Biblical Roots of this Nation, where do you ever see a Political leader go into the Prisons & pray for someones recovery, or even go to the poorest of poor on the streets, an feed & help them.

They have Abandoned a flock of people & set their Hopes on Greed or the next Promotion, an forgotten what it is truly to serve.

I Believe God is Able to Restore the Worst of the Worst out there, Through Jesus Christ’s Name, Blood & Word.

So Government becomes the Peoples conformity to what is Right & Wrong.

Pornography:All forms Accepted by the Gov’t Legal, inc. Pornography Illegal for the Populace to Watch, But Legal for Officers to Watch because they Carry Their Gov’t  Dept of Justice Pride Badge.

1 Set of Rules for the Public & Another Set of Rules for those in Leadership Positions.

Nothing More than Corruption, as they are Worse than the Pharisees in Jesus Time.

Drugs Illegal to have Public & Leaders in Authority, then you have those in Authority working with Drug Dealers, Corruption once again, inc. Drugs Prescribed which can Harm a persons chemical Balance, an breaks the Hippocratic Oath.

So in complete honesty, I say this, As much as Gov’t to many leaders in thi day an age to come, they have no understanding of what True Power is.

They are like the ones spoken in the New Testament of having a form of godliness, but Denying the Power of God to Change Peoples Lives.

It is Evident that as a Nation, we have become obsessed with Personal Pride in all Areas once again, High & Low, Rich & Poor.

Such Pride can Destroy a Nation, no matter how Big or Famous.

The Egyptian Empire, Died out because of Pride, So did Babylon, Medes & Persian, Greeks & Romans, along with the Spiritual help in the side of Pride from the Devil.

So what if there was a change that affected the Whole Nation, that upheld  the Nation in Prayer, Politicians praying for the Weak & needy, helping their fellow Neighbor.

Trusting in the Power of God to the one in Front of them with the Affected Problem.

Prayer Police which go around to peoples places of all addictions, help them Straight away to get into a God centered Program to get their life Back on Track, as well as Personally Praying for them with the Power of God to Deliver them of there Problem, along with a weekly check up.

So let’s work towards the Resurrection of Our Society, Instead of Leaving it to Die.

Society has Murdered the Disabled & the Christians.

This article is slightly different than my Previous ones.

I chose this article because of Societies continuous mistreatment of The Disabled, an mistreatment of Christians to even Disabled Christians.

I look at the world around me, an both Christians & the Disabled are treated like Scum of The Earth as Society Reflects Nazi Germany.

Treated like inferior beings, I see this even moreso in the treatment of the Disabled to even Pensioners.

With Hollywoods portrayal from Religious to even Disabled, it only shows a half truth, but not the full truth.

As I look at my own Nation, yes we have things for the Disabled from all types of disablities.

For some reason we see No One Disabled in Politics, whether they be Politician to even M.P to even Gov General, It is Discrimination against the Disabled, Not only Directly but also Indirectly.

The Same is also seen in the Dept Of Justice, Whether as a Judge, Police Officer etc, Discrimination Both Directly & Indirectly.

As we are still treated like Inferior beings, an Shows Hitlers Nazism has Never Stopped an is Present in Australia, From Politics to Courts.

Yet they have no Problems in Politics to the courts to Charge the Disabled for Crimes, no matter how severe or minor your Disability.


They Treat us like we have Nothing to Offer back to the Community.

An All these Actions goes Against the U.N Protections of Disabled Persons an Violates All The Protections from 1st to last.

The Voice of the Disabled has been Silenced here in so many ways that I’d Personally feel safer in Israel.

Being both Christian & Disabled makes it even worse, because even my faith is also Protected under the U.N Protections of Disabled Persons.

Greed has Devoured the Politicians & The Courts here, Money Made off making People Miserable Disabled or Not, Christian or Not.

In Hosea it says “My People are destroyed by Lack of Knowledge”, the Devil want God’s Peopled destroyed by lack of knowledge.

It also saddens me that a nation wouldn’t stop the exploitation, degrading & stereotyping of the Disabled even via the Dept of Justice to Politics.

It seems to me that the Disabled need Full Protections from the Law Of The Land, no matter how severe or minor their disability is, to No Consequences of any law, Let God be their Judge when they Die. 

Anyone can be naive an easily lead astray. inc the disabled.

With so many violations against the Disabled, no doubt it will repeat itself against those who are Christians & Jews.

It will be hard to cry out, when your voice is silenced, as they are Silencing the Disabled & Christians here.

Remember what Edmund Burke said: The Only thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph, is for Good Men to Do Nothing.