Justin Bieber:Pray

Pray (Justin Bieber song)

Pray (Justin Bieber song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justin Bieber‘s Pray song, this one is a favourite because it deals with things that personally convict us when we go to Prayer with God.

Never Say Never (Justin Bieber song)

Never Say Never (Justin Bieber song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Praying for Families, Friends, or even just a random stranger, then we get to the nitty gritty issues, what about those who are poor & hungry, or disabled.

What if they were never famous: Justin Bieber

What if they were never famous: Justin Bieber (Photo credit: laubarnes)

What about those who fight for our freedoms overseas, that lay down their lives, so we can have our freedoms, not just one freedom, all freedoms.

The Deadness of Society:Living in a World that Hates God.

Society is on it’s own Suicide Mission, Killing who it can get into the conformities of this World.

Conformity is also Compromise, handing the Reigns of ones mind, body an Soul to be conformed to the Sinful nature not only of our flesh, which we must purge or to extract like puss from a pimple, seeing we have a Spiritual Enemy who seeks to Destroy what God has Created.

Where there is Deadness in Society there is Hatred towards God, who sent his only Son Jesus Christ to Redeem us.

It doesn’t matter where you go today, there is always a skeptic, an someone ready to squash your Belief in The Almighty God of Israel.

So they try looking to earthly cures hoping it will restore a person to a form of Sanity.

Whether it be a Doctor, Judge, Police Officer, Politician, they all seem to think an live in their own world to what is right, same applying to rich & poor.

Sanity by itself applies to someone who is Sound in Mind like that spoken of in the New Testament in 2 Tim 1:7, by which we are given a clear perspective to what it is to be of Sound Mind.

These days we run Sanity Tests differently, an a Majority of the time, Without God to Lead & Show us the way to bring someone of unsound mind, back to soundness.

If you Speak of God in the World today, you are often Mocked, considered a Nutcase, or even a Radical Fundamentalist.

Then you are Criticized an told the Myth & Lie, is that all wars are religious based.

The Truth is Not all wars are Religious Based.

Politics plays a big part in Many Wars, that which our government & leaders under them Heed to their Beckoned Call like Dogs on a Leash.

Whether a Political Leader has a religious belief or not, it is often ignored an turned to do anything at any cost to safeguard a region.

But many Politicians today an all those under them, have abandoned the Biblical Roots of this Nation, where do you ever see a Political leader go into the Prisons & pray for someones recovery, or even go to the poorest of poor on the streets, an feed & help them.

They have Abandoned a flock of people & set their Hopes on Greed or the next Promotion, an forgotten what it is truly to serve.

I Believe God is Able to Restore the Worst of the Worst out there, Through Jesus Christ’s Name, Blood & Word.

So Government becomes the Peoples conformity to what is Right & Wrong.

Pornography:All forms Accepted by the Gov’t Legal, inc. Pornography Illegal for the Populace to Watch, But Legal for Officers to Watch because they Carry Their Gov’t  Dept of Justice Pride Badge.

1 Set of Rules for the Public & Another Set of Rules for those in Leadership Positions.

Nothing More than Corruption, as they are Worse than the Pharisees in Jesus Time.

Drugs Illegal to have Public & Leaders in Authority, then you have those in Authority working with Drug Dealers, Corruption once again, inc. Drugs Prescribed which can Harm a persons chemical Balance, an breaks the Hippocratic Oath.

So in complete honesty, I say this, As much as Gov’t to many leaders in thi day an age to come, they have no understanding of what True Power is.

They are like the ones spoken in the New Testament of having a form of godliness, but Denying the Power of God to Change Peoples Lives.

It is Evident that as a Nation, we have become obsessed with Personal Pride in all Areas once again, High & Low, Rich & Poor.

Such Pride can Destroy a Nation, no matter how Big or Famous.

The Egyptian Empire, Died out because of Pride, So did Babylon, Medes & Persian, Greeks & Romans, along with the Spiritual help in the side of Pride from the Devil.

So what if there was a change that affected the Whole Nation, that upheld  the Nation in Prayer, Politicians praying for the Weak & needy, helping their fellow Neighbor.

Trusting in the Power of God to the one in Front of them with the Affected Problem.

Prayer Police which go around to peoples places of all addictions, help them Straight away to get into a God centered Program to get their life Back on Track, as well as Personally Praying for them with the Power of God to Deliver them of there Problem, along with a weekly check up.

So let’s work towards the Resurrection of Our Society, Instead of Leaving it to Die.