Resistance is Futile:Hostility to Those Heavenly Bound.

Scripture speaks that the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth Violence,  so those connected to the Kingdom of God, also suffer this Violence an Hostility By the Devil & his Kingdom.

The Devil’s Hostility attacks us, where it hurts us the Most.

Just as God knows our Weaknesses, He also Knows our Strength.

As Mankind, we are all weak in our Flesh, we all suffer weaknesses, don’t often know how to walk in our Strengths.

Weakness can be found in All Areas, High & Low, Rich & Poor.

So what are examples of weakness, all of these are able to be treated.

Addictions are a weakness, it doesn’t matter what the addiction is, it can disable a persons ability an lose focus of things around them.

To Lose Focus is also a loss of direction, an leads us astray from our original path, by loss of focus, we also ignore the signs that are in front of us, which takes us into The Devil’s Hostile Grounds, where he has laid down Traps for us to fall into, An the Devil/Satan himself doesn’t care Who or What he uses, He is able to even use Earthly Authorities to target the Destruction of the Body.

Scripture says Fear Not, who can destroy the Body, but fear him who can destroy both Body & Soul.

Now Fear is a Neutral word, meaning it can be used for Good, by God & can be used for Evil, by the Devil/Satan.

When God uses Fear, He is also able to instill fear in the heart of the Children of Darkness, those who Represent Satan.

Those who are Anti-Christ, Anti-God, Anti-Israel, tremble & fear it, it can occur on many levels.

  1. Is Spiritually
  2. Physically
  3. Mentally
  4. Sub Conscience

 Those who are in Christ, in the Kingdom of God, the Devil/Satan uses his Fear on the Same levels as above, we also see the Negative used.

  1. Satan Manipulates us
  2. He lies to us about certain feelings.
  3. He steals from us our Innocence.
  4. He violates us in Mind, Body & Soul.
  5. He then turns this fear on God’s Creation to Destroy it.
  6. He Ends it with Death.

Scripture says The Devil/Satan was a Murderer from the Beginning of All time.

Jesus says that he comes to give us Life & Life in Abundance.

By Jesus showing us, there is Power in giving Someone Life to Live,It is the Most Dangerous Thing the Devil/Satan Fears.

For in Christ is also the Key to Eternal Life, Spiritually & Physically.

Jesus also says He is The Resurrection & The Life, another thing which the Devil & his minions, not only Spiritually, but those who are his on earth also fear.

Like many who ask what is the Meaning of Life?

The Better question to ask is What is the Source of Life?

That source is God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit.

Without this source, we don’t exist.

No man on Earth is Able to Frame The Human Body from dust to bone, to flesh, with a Living Soul & Spirit, Which Sparks us to Life.

They will Keep trying, but keep failing because Mankind is trying to Replace God, so they can hold no Accountability to Him, with what corruption they move to Next.

So if you to make an put the Devil in Fear, Give Life, So they can Live it in Abundance, Show them Life, Show them how to Live, without the Prison of Death which the Devil wants all to Fall into.

There are Many Captives in this World to the Devil’s Devices, Set Them Free, with what Jesus Christ Gives:

Life, an In Abundance..


Pornography:The Devils tool to Destroy Lives.

Points about Pornography.

  1. It covers all forms of Pornography, including Child Porn.
  2. It Appeals & Manipulates Our Cravings.
  3. The Government & Authorities Do nothing to Stop It, seeing they too are tools of the Porno Industry on All Types Of Porn.
  4. The World has no cure for it, yet always produces more of it daily.

What Pornography Does:

  • It Sets up an Idol Before God.
  • It makes fornication(in All Forms) Feel Ok.
  • It Defiles the Marriage Bed.

So why does the Govermeant & Authorities Allow it:

  • So they can control a populace of people, just as Satan wants control over God’s Creation.
  • Because they Profit by putting people in Jail they have Helped Create.
  • To Fulfill the founder of Eugenics Role & Pornography Profits their Bank Accounts.

Is there a Solution?

Yes Pornography of ALL Forms has become a disease that has Poisoned the Hearts & Minds of Mankind.

Answer:Destroy it All, an sex offenders of all kinds wont exist.

Eternal Solution?

Is Christ Jesus.

Hero Wanted:The Call For Help

When younger we all had our Heroes, whether it be from Movies Old to New, inc. Television Heroes.

These Heroes stood out to us as People of Justice, Some Heroes had Powers, Others had Awesome Gadgets.

But None could ever defeat the Cause of All Evil or Redeem Mankind.

So many of the Heroes had to Live Double Lives whether Male or Female.

So how about a Hero, Not scared of his Identity being revealed, who was an has the Power to Redeem Mankind from Evil an comes with the Promise of the Big Bonus of Eternal Life.

This Hero isn’t a mythical figure, but they will do their best to make Counterfeits.

This Hero is as real as You or Me, an knows us better than we know Ourselves.

This Hero:

Sets The Captives Free, Redeems Us, Forgives Us, can open the eyes of the Blind, Restore the Lame, the maimed made whole, He Loves the Unlovable, an sees beyond what any Man on this Earth can see.

He knows the existence of the Spiritual World, He sees it’s affect on the Physical, an the Origin of Sin.

His Power is Unlimited, but holds to what he has Laid in the Foundation of All Creation.

This Hero is Jesus Christ, King Of Israel.

He showed compassion to All, His Love extends beyonds Earth Atmosphere. John 3:16-19.

He Dealt with the Authoritative Hypocrites of His Day. Matt 23, Matt 7.

He Fed the Hungry, The Poor & Needy.

He gave Authority to people considered Worthless. Mark 6.

His Word not only bought Internal Healing, but also an outward change.

He Showed Us The Father. John 14.

He is More Righteous & Just than any Judge here on Earth.

He forgave people who needed forgiveness, inc to people who we think don’t need forgiveness.

He walked on Water & Calmed the Storms.

He is The Lamb Of God, Who takes away the Sins of the World.

He was whipped, Crucified, placed into a tomb an rose on the 3rd day, was seen by His Apostles, an upto 500 witnesses.

On top of that he has affected so many lives of people born into a Sinful Corrupt World, an Changed Their Lives with His Awesome Power.

In these days People of Society Spit Upon Christ an those who Follow Him, like we are a disease, an willing to work with the Anti-Christ to Bring Railing Accusations to Destroy the Work of God in their Lives.

The Heart of many in Mankind have Waxed Ice Cold, those who haven’t succumb to this, yet live daily at there Best to Serve God.

With the Crossfire within Society it makes it the Perfect Battlefield for Satan to do His Worst.

From Wars & Rumours of Wars, Deception is on the increase, affecting the Highest of High From Politics & Law, the List Goes On.

An the Internet as much as it can be used for Good, is the Best thing Satan could to Use to Deceive, Lure & Bait, God’s Children. 

But God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit aren’t fooled by the Enemies Deception in these Days.

He even in these days Knows the Enemies Plan Better than those of us here on Earth Knows, better than even what the Enemy knows Himself(Satan).

God Loves His Children, an also Plans to Redeem then By His Power, Whether this World likes it or Not.

Come meet my Hero, His Name is Jesus Christ, an Let Him Change Your Life, as He has Many Others.

Hercules won’t save you, Superman can’t save you, Ironman has nothing but useless gadgets, Wonder Womans Invisible plane won’t save you, Buddha can’t do nothing He is dead, Mohammad is with the Worms,

But Jesus Christ Rose From The Dead.