Australian Islamic Leaders Plan Terrorist Attack Against Australian Citizens & Leaders

Shariah Court

With the Australian Islamic Leaders Infuriated at Australians not wanting to have Shariah Law active in our Land, they are devising a plan of Terrorist Attacks against Australia s Citizens & Leaders to get their way in the Nation, also Infuriated that Australia won’t allow them to have their own Islamic State, because they refuse to follow the Laws of the Land, that are already in the Land, Many Leaders amongst the Islamic Community aren’t only looking to outright in the open Terrorist Attacks, but plan on manipulating their way by any means to get into places of power, by using Bribes toward Politicians who will side with them, to even those of local MP’s in Suburbs to gain the upper hand to enforce Shariah Law in our Neighbourhoods, of which in truth they have also lied to Australians that under Shariah Law that their would be no Interest on Loans through their Banking System, which has already been Proven untrue in countries they have Invaded in the Past, that people who have come under Islam’s Oppression in the Middle East are Left Paying a Life Tax, where you literally become their slaves.

Whilst this is Happening The Muslims are still Manipulating many Australians to Turn against Israel, so they can obtain the upper hand in Australia, by using their Hatred against Israel, to turn many Christian Leaders, Political Leaders, Religious Leaders to Bring Desolation to this Land.

Whilst Islamic Leaders are Demonizing Australians in Their Mosques because of the many nations practices, they too are guilty of breaking many laws of the Land of Australia themselves & getting their many followers to do the same thing, by having many multiple wives and abusing the welfare system to its max, also with their many terrorist training camps, which many of the Islamic Leaders have kept secreted amongst fellow trusted Muslims & their own leaders, and also being involved in alot of the black-market buying & selling of firearms even amongst their own.

Their Targets they plan on pulling towards their cause are those of High Class, Middle & Low Class in Australia, of all backgrounds, to even exercise many of Australia’s Laws against Australians, The Hate Crime Law execution was only the beginning of their greater plan to make this Nation Completely Islamic at any cost, as Australia we start to see an increase of middle eastern crime by Muslims against Australian Citizens, which many have thought out amongst the Islamic Communities, the next big card they will play in the matter will be The Race Card, by which the Muslims themselves will also play a role in the increase of attacks on the Jewish Communities, targeting not only the old, but also the young, in their Anti-Semitic Attacks on Australian Jewish Citizens, the Islamic Protests will also increase with intention to harm not only the law enforcement, but also the Australian defense force, including bullying to increase within schools by Muslims towards many students, an then an increase of the Islamic false victim scenarios.

Also in the Mid 90’s a document that was going around an was able to be accessed by the windows system which Islam played a role in it’s distribution was a document called The Terrorist Handbook, which Muslims still use and access today for their formulated formulas to make explosives and other nasty little devices, which since then, also would’ve been updated to keep up with the latest of Illegal arms.

The Islamic Intention Of Peace for Australia that they portray for this time is a big act, as they in reality have no true intentions of Peace ever to be shown in this country of Australia, as we only need to look at our neighbouring country Indonesia of the Brutal attacks done by Muslims against many of the innocents killed for their cause.

Changes are coming to this nation whether we like it or not, but it’s up to those Australians to make the Right Choice, the Choice to be Slaves Under Islams Tyranny, or the Choice to Stomp Out Islams Tyranny for Good & not to be the victim of Islam’s violence that is to come, as an Islamic Homicide Bomber doesn’t care who they kill, as their own intentions are those to increase the cause of Islam by any means necessary & available, including those means unnecessary & unavailable.

Satanists Luring Teens On FaceBook and Myspace

Recently in Australia we received a report of Satanists using Facebook & myspace to lure teens(puberty-late teens) to some of there gatherings using these means of communication so they can be apart of there events in Australia & overseas, with the police who have recently report a few weeks back that they were beginning to crack down on more of the illegal porn, with such an invitation as open as this i’m surprised the authorities haven’t fully moved on this movement, whilst putting many children at risk by there own insolence if there so for protecting the minors of society.

Satanist uses MySpace to feed desire for teen girls | News |

Police home in on child porn

Even though there have been instances of the people being caught out like in the next following article sources, where the authorities have enforced the Law, i remember seeing one report not only covered in Australia but also overseas of health ministers placing in laws in governments of allowing pedophilia between Adults & Children which is a Sad Grossly & Sick Set of Morals they are placing in this times.

Woman in court over ‘molested’ schoolboy, 12 | National News |

‘Safe schools’ chief encouraged child sex with older man

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‘Vulnerable, drunk woman had sex with 14-year-old’ | National News |

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HIV rates soar among young gays

Underage sex law changes ‘disturbing’ – Yahoo!7 News

French Culture Minister Mitterand ‘not paedophile’ | World News |

Yet the biggest discussion in all this is around the age of consent, as we see from the next sources.

Age of consent

Age of consent – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT  (      Age du consentement à l’acte sexuel

Age Of Cosent over the world