Secret History:Kinseys Pedophiles

Published on Nov 12, 2012

This is a Yorkshire Television production for Channel 4, produced and directed by Tim Tate, aired August 10, 1998. The show features interviews with Kinsey team members Paul Gebhard and Clarence Tripp, Kinsey Institute director John Bancroft and several of Kinsey’s biographers.

Here’s an original press release of the production:…

Dr. Reisman’s revealing book covering this fraud, “Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences”:…

Check out a chapter from that book, which cites this tv show:…

Also see “The Kinsey Coverup”:…

and “The Kinsey Syndrome”:

Our Govt & Dept Of Justice show there worship of Alfred Kinsey, by allowing the Porn Industry to Continue to manipulate our countries, an changing the nature of people, It is also conditioning people to become things they aren’t inc. Paedophiles.

By doing nothing, they help create more evil & wickedness.
There Groups centered on Child Porn & Child Protection as they claim are Glorified Alfred Kinsey Child Sex Squads, Like Nambla & the female version of Nambla hiding behind badges, as they also distribute the Child Porn back onto the Internet, conditioning others to be exactly what they are.
Pedophiles in High Places of Power, inc. The Dept Of Justice & Govt.

Govt & Dept Of Justice Help the child porn industry

Govt Porn Scandal


Dept Of Justice:The Heart Of True Crime

They call themselves, The Dept Of Justice, they have Judges, Police Officers, List Goes on.

But is there Truly Justice in Its Ranks, or is it all a Scam, for Money.

Extortion a Method used to extract money out of people who are unable to pay it.

Is such an act Just, not at all, but those of the Law of the Land, get away with such an act, increasing Australia‘s National Debt.

With Extortion comes Greed, yes, we have greedy extortionists running our Dept Of Justice Australia-Wide.

The Dept Of Justice by It’s own actions back the Porn Industry, as the Porn Industry creates so many addictions around the World, an with this Porn industry, The Dept Of Justice is Legally able to Distribute, Produce, & Reproduce Its own Pornography, in fact they have special squads for this Porn you have heard about, an yes, it gets distributed onto the internet.

There have been whistle blowers on the inside who have admitted this, as this action, plays apart of the conditioning of those considered Law Breakers.

There very own actions Mirror that of Nazi Germany, where those who did Illegal actions Legally, an were unable to get away with there Crime to their Victims, literally making them The Scapegoat & Lambs to be slaughtered for there Crimes done on the Innocent.

These people scapegoated today & lambs made to be slaughtered are the same ones as in Hitlers time:

The Jews, The Disabled, even Christians being targeted, those who don’t bow to the New Nazis, there Dept Of Justice & there Government.

I imagine there would be alot of victims of there Crimes, including of all Human Rights Violations of there Corruption.


The Gay/Bisexual/Straight Whorehouse Industry:The Industry of Death Dealers.

Over the weekend i found out from of my friends went to a gay Sauna, called Subway Sauna on Flinders Street in Melbourne, he describe his experience in there that he was approached & touch without his permission by a complete stranger who also kissed him in there bathrooms, which he didn’t want at all, as he was preyed upon from a gay asian, they had no respect too him in what they had done, and no remorse for there actions, as now he has noticed the symptoms of an STI which he is now making arrangements to see a doctor & now see these Gay Saunas a Disease Warehouses of Death that should be shut down & may never go back into another one again.

The Shadow Of Death

Saying it has turned him off the Gay Lifestyle, let alone even the Bi-sexual Lifestyle & that he was safer at home watching porn at least he would know that he wouldn’t get any complete stranger violating his space & giving out these STI’s or STD’s, an that the Gay Lifestyle is also a curse upon the whole nation that the nation should be called to repentance & leave its wicked ways.

He has also seen the error of his own ways & even repentant himself trusting left only in God who can heal him an whatever treatment can free him of this shadow of death.