We are a Stolen Generation on our Own, Our Lives have been Stolen from us.

Stolen by those of that which the corrupt Govt says we should Trust, whilst the Dept Of Justice Abuse Us.

Stolen of our Dignity, Stolen of our Lives, Stolen from our Families, Whilst they Spread There Lies of Us.

Stolen by those the Accursed, Whilst they will shoot you down, verse by corrupt verse of their Laws of Iniquity.

Stolen by those who Violate our Souls, our minds & hearts.

Stolen not only of our Physical things that which belong to us, Stolen of Spiritual things which also uphold us.

Stolen of our Innocence, they continue to mistreat us, Stolen by those who are The COLD & HEARTLESS.

Stolen & taken like a Sacrifice bought to a Pagan Alter, our Blood Shed to Please the Idol of Money, Greed, Lust & Power.

Stolen, unable to be Set Free, by these Workers of Iniquity, there Lawless Laws, that look after themselves, but not look after others.

Stolen by the Selfishness, of Selfish Men, that wear fancy clothes, with fake Piousness.

Stolen by those who will Stab you in the Back, Stolen by those Who Enjoy there FAT.