Swine Flu Begins to Target Australian Children

Latest Reports regarding swine flu in Australia is we have had our first deaths of some children, one which happend at the beginning, and our second which happend recently, which they now report as one of the first deaths.

Three to six children die every year from regular influenza, he said.

“It (death from swine flu) can occur in a healthy child although most of them we believe will occur in a child with a problem, say a chronic heart problem, long-standing lung, kidney, liver (problems) or diabetes,” Professor Booy told ABC radio.

“The likelihood is with this virus we’ll see more of the small number of severe (cases) than we do normally.”

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The Swine Flu Contreversy Of OZ

Over the Past Month, Australia has been dealing with Cases with the Swine Flu, with Cases Originally Starting with around 50 known cases which skipped to over 500 within the first couple of weeks, the Present count of known cases is around over 3,500 cases & 7 Deaths and expectation of more.

We have had recent reports by the media that whilst all this is happening we have Our Bankers Holidaying Overseas, to let the public die at there expense, on spending the Publics Money, like there covering up for an event to push for Genocide of the peoples.

When the Report Broke out in Australia, we had one of our health ministers basically telling us that we were to expect 4 million Australians to die because of this Swine flu, when Australias population is around 21 to 22 million people, of which if would be around roughly 4% of Australians to die.

The Leadership of this nation has gone down the shit hole, caring only apathetically for themselves instead of the People they are meant to be serving.

Only a few days ago we also recieved report that Australia now has a Vaccination that could counter this Swine Flu Virus, by there reports the only way it will be released to the public is by it being registered then as usual the trials of it will come first, question is, will it lead to more deaths of peoples lives being saved.