Lost:The Moral Compass

Govt, Dept Of Justice, Medical System & Bankers Compass.

It seems today in this Day & Age, that alot of Debate goes on the Topic of What is the Moral Compass.

Gods Compass

Selfishness Vs Self Sacrifice

What is Moral?

You could go to one part of the World & there Moral compass is different than your part of the World.

Do our Moral Values come from Faith or experience or both?

What is Truly Moral in Areas of Justice? or are we deceived by those who interpret Morality in Govt, Dept Of Justice, Medical & Banking Systems.

So in this, our Moral compass all over the world has lost its full bearings as we still seek for Answers, What is Moral, What is Justice, what is Faith, what is equality.

What makes the Moral Compass Moral, an is the Moral compass actually Moral?

Virtues of the compass

application of a moral compass

We have people who say they know, but time after time, they also fail us with their grand delusions & expectations, not only failing the public, but also failing themselves.

So what does a star of the TV screen say about it?

The feel good compass

English: Images of the mentally deficient clas...

English: Images of the mentally deficient classified as moral imbeciles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)(degrading of the disabled)

If it is one thing I have learnt in my lifetime, an something I have heard from my mum was, if the World could follow the 10 commandments, this world would be a better place.

10 commandments influence to our Moral compass

Well in reality, we use the 10 commandments as a Guide an Moral Compass, others mock it, but that is their choice.

Yes for every Judge, that condemns someone to go to prison, they to should go to prison, treat others as you would like to be treated

By using those commandments as a Moral compass, it helps us set out the wheat from the chaff in our lives.

Tell me, are you able to do to others, that what you want done unto yourself?

An the Application of it Works Internally for the bettering of our daily lives, as well as for others.

This is the Rule all corrupt in Govt, Dept Of Justice, Medical System & Bankers Follow. They have created the biggest debt and are Slaves to MONEY

Debt of Destruction:Which drown men in Destruction & Perdition 1 Tim 6:9

I’m sure you have heard of the Economic Meltdown around the World, of so many nations in Debt. Inc. Australia.

But what has bought such Big Debt to So many Nations?

The Answer is Greed, this greed is shown in Politics in Govt, The Greed is shown in the Dept of Justice, covering Lawyers, Police, Judges, All like an Organized Crime Group that carries a Badge an claim it serves you, when it only Serves Its Love for Money, this Greed is seen High & Low.

They say Money does strange things to people, this saying is so true in this day an age, an in the age to come.

So Money is able to Seduce & is a Seducer, When Politicians make Treasury Choices they choose areas they want to seduce with their money, Judges use the Seduction of Money in Alot of Judgments in courts, an also the use the seduction of money to people they charge  for offenses, but this action produces more debt, not lessen debt, so they make the greed of a Nation Greater as it devour the Hearts & Minds of Men, which drown men in Destruction & causes Perdition.

Todays Moral compass is Driven by Greed as it’s seen Majority in Govt Politics & the Dept of Justice through to even those of the Mafia.

Because of Greed, people are unable to Live Fulfilled Lives, High & Low, Rich & Poor, with Debt in their lives the Govt along with the Dept of Justice has Directly & Indirectly created Crime Sprees because they don’t know how to Stop Debt.

So what’s Jesus answer to This?

In Matt 6:12 Jesus showed we should Forgive Debt & Debtors, In this it shows by Forgiving Someones Debt, Society will make its Profit in 2 ways, 1:Spiritually, 2:Physically, which will bring Society & it’s Moral Compass back into Balance.

Here are some scriptures for you to read through in your bible.

1 Tim 4:1-2,6:3-10, 2 Tim 3:1-7,13, Prov 12:26, 1 John 2:26, Rev 2:20, Eze 22:12, Isaiah 56:11, Ps 17:12, Matt 6:12, 18:27, Prov 1:19,15:27, 21:26.

To Put someone in Debt is Criminal Intent especially if you know they are unable to pay the Debt amount Set for them.

Take Jesus advice an Forgive the Debt, which has caused not only Transgression, but greed that will never be satisfied in the Govt & Dept Of Justice all over the World.

With the Amount of Nations in Debt, Debt also shows many Nations that have Sinned & Transgressed against Not only the God of Israel, but also Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit Of God.

Where there is Debt, comes pain an suffering which will bring many Nations similar to those in the 3rd World, with much violence, the debt then Drives the Whole Nation into Ungodliness & Lawlessness which is Already Evident in Govt & The Dept Of Justice today, as they Scorn God in their Pride.

Debt is as Bad as Both a Drug & Porn Addiction rolled into one, and it is a Form of Terrorism, as Debt is used to Terrorise the Public an Enforced by the Govt & The Dept of Justice.

Why Society is so Blinded?

We often wonder why society is so blinded to the things of a Spiritual Nature.

Yet So Open to condemn those who hold to Spiritual Beliefs.

The answer is simple, an not complicated.

It’s Pride.

Pride that says I have no need for a God, an that make ourselves better than God.

Yet everything we put our hands to, falls apart, like the world around us.

Mankind is a victim to SIN & Transgression of God’s Law.

Yet Whether it be Rich or Poor, High or Low in Authority Status, we all have Planks in our eyes, Just like Jesus Spoke of in the New Testament.

We think we can solve our problems by our own Merit.

But our Merit is Worthless as the clothes we wear.

So we seek to obtain Merit, always looking to be approved by public opinion, whether it be in Big or Small groups..

But all those Opinions are Worthless, worthless like a currency of No Value.

So we turn to the Material, thinking it will fill us, on the void, we have within. 

An as we gather more an more Material items, we still fail to fill the void.

So we try other things like Popularity, like the stars on the TV screen, who practically get away with all soughts of crimes.

But it also shows even in there popularity, they too are blinded looking to fill the void.

Even the so called Kings of the underworld, claim popularity by their reputation, even when working with the corrupt system of this world & authorities in it.

Then we see other needs that need to be met, an like Adam & Eve, we find our Leaves to cover ourselves up.

Once our leaves fail us, we run to whatever we can to cover ourselves up, an fail in finding fulfillment.

As much as this world chooses to Mock God, an His Children, The Society will fall deeper & deeper into God’s Wrath.

It is the Cause & Affect of Any Nation, that doesn’t uphold God’s Word, in both Old & New Testament, For even Jesus forgave Sex Offenders.

Society thinks by Cheating God, it will achieve Salvation.

In the End, the wicked end up devouring on each other.

So I’m sure your wondering what this has to do with the issue of being Blinded.

Because we seek for what we can’t do in our Own Power, seeing All Power Belongs to God through Jesus Christ an the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Without these things, Society Crumbles an falls just like the Tower of Babel, an Empires that came after them.

Wherever Israel was, Gods Power was, Shown in Signs of Power, Like the Pillar of Fire by Night, an the Cloud by Day, from the Plagues that went through Egypt, an armies that Threatened Israel, Destroyed. 

Just as Armies can be Destroyed by Gods Power.

So can our Carnal Urges be Destroyed by Gods Power, as I have seen Gods Power Intervene in An Addiction Problem to Porn, which I’m not Proud of, in any way, shape or form, I’ve done things I’m Ashamed Of.

But I’m thankful that Jesus Christ is the Answer to any Addiction, no matter how severe it is.

But the World doesn’t want Jesus Christ, it would rather choose Pornography,Drugs, Approval from Others, anything to get a fix for a temporary feel good feeling in all areas, High or Low, Rich & Poor, Religious or Not.

I admit I have let the things of this World Deceive me, but I’m thankful that I can go to the Father of All Creation, an Jesus Christ the Atonement for my Sins Past, Present & Future.


Pornography:The Devils tool to Destroy Lives.

Points about Pornography.

  1. It covers all forms of Pornography, including Child Porn.
  2. It Appeals & Manipulates Our Cravings.
  3. The Government & Authorities Do nothing to Stop It, seeing they too are tools of the Porno Industry on All Types Of Porn.
  4. The World has no cure for it, yet always produces more of it daily.

What Pornography Does:

  • It Sets up an Idol Before God.
  • It makes fornication(in All Forms) Feel Ok.
  • It Defiles the Marriage Bed.

So why does the Govermeant & Authorities Allow it:

  • So they can control a populace of people, just as Satan wants control over God’s Creation.
  • Because they Profit by putting people in Jail they have Helped Create.
  • To Fulfill the founder of Eugenics Role & Pornography Profits their Bank Accounts.

Is there a Solution?

Yes Pornography of ALL Forms has become a disease that has Poisoned the Hearts & Minds of Mankind.

Answer:Destroy it All, an sex offenders of all kinds wont exist.

Eternal Solution?

Is Christ Jesus.

Exploitation Of The Disabled

Over The World, inc. Australia we often talk of the Exploitation of Children, but what about the Exploitation of the Disabled, they too amongst all the known forms of Disabilities, we too are also exploited.

Yet, there is no one crying for us, whilst our voice is Silenced Out by other Voices.

Save The Children, Save The Gays, or Lesbians or whoever else is bought up.

But Once again The Disabled are Thrown out for Last.

We too get exploited, exploited by the Law, which feels happy to say & Discriminate us an say:

  • The Disabled Cant be Politicians,
  • The Disabled Can’t Be Police.
  • The Disabled Can’t Be in the Army or Defense Force.
  • The Disabled Can’t Work in the Dept Of Justice.

Yet these Laws create More Problems, than Create More Jobs.

So as the Disabled are Thrown out to the Side, treated like crap, which we are.

We are then Despised on a Grand Scale, inc. World Wide.

So Hence Our World before us is destroyed, because they have been Destroyed by the Worlds Destructive Patterns before us.

I’d love to see a Politician with a Disability, or even someone in the Dept Of Justice with a Disability.

But no, the Dept of Justice sees fit to throw us in Jails, an help destroy our lives even more, including stealing our property which a majority are our Aides, like computers, an other things.

It then makes you wonder, how many suicides there are amongst the disabled community, inc. those accused of crimes, having their Life completely cut off, an being unable to live a full happy healthy life, inc. to have a family if they choose to.


With our corrupt leaders here in Australia, they are Blinded by their lust for money & power.

They only seek to please there Pocket full of Money, at the expense of even murdering the disabled in more ways than one.

I’d also love to see even Doctors with Disabilities.

Yet we get thrown aside, as no one will speak up for us, we are Silenced.

They have no Problem throwing the Disabled into factory fodder, but we have interests of our own which could even help those around us.

I’d even love to see Judges with Disabilities inc. Intellectual Disabilities.

But at the Moment, It seems that the Disabled need Protection from the Law as a Whole, in order to achieve such Positions, an be seen that we can even be assets to areas, that the public sometimes can’t see.

Next time you think to some of famous inventors, find out any areas where they were disabled, or showed sign of a disability we know of today.

Dept Of Justice:The Heart Of True Crime

They call themselves, The Dept Of Justice, they have Judges, Police Officers, List Goes on.

But is there Truly Justice in Its Ranks, or is it all a Scam, for Money.

Extortion a Method used to extract money out of people who are unable to pay it.

Is such an act Just, not at all, but those of the Law of the Land, get away with such an act, increasing Australia‘s National Debt.

With Extortion comes Greed, yes, we have greedy extortionists running our Dept Of Justice Australia-Wide.

The Dept Of Justice by It’s own actions back the Porn Industry, as the Porn Industry creates so many addictions around the World, an with this Porn industry, The Dept Of Justice is Legally able to Distribute, Produce, & Reproduce Its own Pornography, in fact they have special squads for this Porn you have heard about, an yes, it gets distributed onto the internet.

There have been whistle blowers on the inside who have admitted this, as this action, plays apart of the conditioning of those considered Law Breakers.

There very own actions Mirror that of Nazi Germany, where those who did Illegal actions Legally, an were unable to get away with there Crime to their Victims, literally making them The Scapegoat & Lambs to be slaughtered for there Crimes done on the Innocent.

These people scapegoated today & lambs made to be slaughtered are the same ones as in Hitlers time:

The Jews, The Disabled, even Christians being targeted, those who don’t bow to the New Nazis, there Dept Of Justice & there Government.

I imagine there would be alot of victims of there Crimes, including of all Human Rights Violations of there Corruption.