Targeted by the Elite

Am I or have I been targeted by the Elite?
The answer is a Yes.

Again I am easy Prey for them to Intentionally Destroy My Life, cause I also have a Disability.

Showing the Elite in Australia do purposely enjoy Preying upon us in the Disabled Community.
Yes they seek to Destroy my Life by every means possible from planting evidence to outrageous charges to glorify their Kingdom of Lawlessness & Wickedness.

I know I am not perfect, neither are they.

I know they watch this blog, an they are also guilty of the Crimes they accuse me of being, yet their own group is run by what they accuse me of.

In the Past my computer via the Net has been hacked, even having files not only removed, also added to it.

I also know some of the hacks came from Govt Authority ip’s.

Framed & Setup.
I will never trust Authorities, I wouldn’t want them to experience the worst of all evils, with things I can’t control, even should that happen to them, there is no way I could help them.

With these Trained Liars in Authority, none of them can be trusted, as yes Nazi Eugenics is Alive & Well in Australia, yes they are Intentionally Preying upon us in the Disabled Community, inc preying upon myself.
These are the ones who manipulate & place Stumblingblocks in our way in the Disabled Community, seeking to destroy all hope & faith we have.

I give a clear heads up, should I no longer be heard from on this page, within 6-10 months(starting from july 30), know they have have Intentionally Genocided my Life behind the Shield Of their Lawless Laws, as their is a Silent Genocide for real against the Disabled Community here in Australia, they are using all to hold to their Lawless Laws to do it.

What they are doing to me, they are doing to others.

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